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Georgia can start war in Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia 22:35 Четверг 0 2 132
5-01-2006, 22:35
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Georgia can start war in Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia

In the present year Georgia can renew armed conflicts in Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia, considers deputy of the State Duma of Russia, head of the CIS countries Institute Konstantin Zatulin. “I think the new 2006 year will be troubled because demanding everything at once present Georgian leadership will go in for risky undertakings in Ossetia and then - if it succeeded – in Abkhazia,” – said in the interview to “Interfax-South” K. Zatulin.

Touching the question of the peace initiatives stated by Georgian leadership for the conflict zones, the political scientist remarked “inability of Tbilisi to admit the fact of political independence of Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia”. “They can’t do that today, having killing the country with expectations of their revenge – returning of the ex-autonomies,” – he underlined.

In the political scientist’s opinion, “such warfare ventures can lead nowhere but to the conflict’s renewing. “They just let Saakashvili “to twist nuts” in Georgia and shout about threats from “strange peoples”, settled on its territory,” – said Zatulin.

Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia would have not decided to integrate with Georgia, supposes the head of the institute. He noted that in the beginning of the peace process since 1994 “Russia through the lips of its plenipotentiaries was obviously for Georgia’s territorial unity in the limits of the former Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic”.


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