» » Circassian congress (Adygeya) and Friends of Caucasus Adygs (Jordan) signed new agreement 
Circassian congress (Adygeya) and Friends of Caucasus
Adygs (Jordan) signed new agreement  14:40 Понедельник 0 1 818
5-06-2006, 14:40
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Circassian congress (Adygeya) and Friends of Caucasus Adygs (Jordan) signed new agreement 

In Amman – the capital of the Kingdom of Jordan the agreement between the public organizations Circassian congress of Adygeya and Friends of Caucasus Adygs (Jordan) was signed on June 3rd. IА REGNUM correspondent informed that referring to the head of the group on work with Diaspora of Circassian congress Aly Bgane who visited Amman with corresponding mission. According to Bgane the executive committee of Friends took part in working out of the text of the new agreement for Adygs of Caucasus led by the head of the organization, the deputy of Jordan parliament Ruhi Shkhaltuh. The former agreement had been signed in October of the last year and for today practically has been completely executed. In particular, within the limits of that agreement the Jordanian organization opened a site in Arabian, organized the magazine’s printing. The subjects of the editions were devoted to problems of Adygs.

The main item of the new agreement is the practical steps corresponding to the charters of the organizations and the international legislation, which will be directed on realization of the mutual interests of Adygeya, Russia as a whole and Jordan. These are the steps in humanitarian and economic spheres. First of the directions means spreading of information about modern Adygeya, its documentary history. The second includes providing of Adygeya economy with investments, in particular, such branch as tourism. For realization of the second of the named positions of the agreement the organization plans creation of the World Adygeyan Council.


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