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Children’s ensemble of Adyghe dance "Zorys of Maykop" from Adyghea 17:48 Пятница 0 602
27-04-2018, 17:48

Children’s ensemble of Adyghe dance "Zorys of Maykop" from Adyghea

Municipal exemplary children's ensemble of Adyghe dance "Zori of Maykop" was founded in 1990 and since its foundation it successfully carries out its work on introduction of children to art, training of national Adyghe dance, education of respect for the native history, customs and traditions in children. The ensemble has long been a real school of esthetic formation of younger generation. Children study not only to dance. In team they are acquiring communication skills with peers, learning artistic acting, playing on the platform.
Since 2013, the head of the ensemble is public artist of the Republic of Adyghea, honored artist of the Kabardino-Balkaria Aydamir Naniz. His arrival in the team is not accidental. For many years he has worked as a choreographer-teacher in the ensemble, making his invaluable contribution to development of the ensemble.
In present,"Zory of Maykop" engages more than 100 children constituting the main part is the older group (12-16 years), junior group (8-12 years) and the companion ensemble whose task is to prepare young actors for work in the main team.
The teaching staff is a team of professionals of highest level, fans of their work. All of them are working tirelessly with children trying to bring the children's ensemble to higher level.
The repertoire of "Zory of Maykop" mainly is based on the Adyghe folk music and dance. The program of the ensemble consists of Circassian folk dances "Udzh", "Islamey", "Leparis", "Khakuliash", "Zafak", as well as choreographic compositions "My Adyghea", "Youth dances", "Girls’ dance", "Gorsky dance", "Dances of Circassian Diaspora", etc.
Today, children's ensemble of Adyghe dance "Zory of Maykop" is one of the best children's collectives of the Republic. "Zory of Maykop" is welcomed at many festive events, concerts, festivals and competitions. Thanks to talent and scenic charm of young artists, each performance of the ensemble "Zory of Maykop" becomes a crowded festival event which remains in the hearts of viewers for a long time.
"Zory of Maykop" is a multiple winner of international, national and regional competitions and festivals.

Source: http://зори-майкопа.рф

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