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Holiday proceeds 

On March 31 in the Cherkessk town drama theatre the dramatized concert devoted to the celebrating of the Adygeyan New year, with participation of the folklore ensemble "J’iu", the ensemble of the national dance "Hatti" and the Circassian theatre of Muharbek Akov’s name.

Before the concert’s beginning in the picture gallery of the Karachaevo-Circassian capital the exhibition (opened till April 15), also devoted to the Adygeyan New Year will be prolonged. At the exhibition the works of the talented artists from Adygeya, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachaevo-Circassia were exhibited. The organizer of the celebratory measures was the Independent museum-pedagogical noncommercial organization of archeology, ethnography, and ethnology "Beybars".

Despite that the Adygeyan New year according to their traditions is commemorated on March 21-22, the celebratory events were also carried out on March 31, not having lost its actuality. The hall of the Drama theatre was crowded with spectators, and each performance of the actors met great applauses.

The dramatized concert passed in the spirit of revival of the Adygeyan traditional culture. The celebrations were finished with celebratory Adyghe dj’egu.



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