» » Memorial Day for victims of Caucasian War will be commemorated in Cerkessk town and aul Ali-Berdukovsky 
Memorial Day for victims of Caucasian War will be commemorated in Cerkessk town and aul Ali-Berdukovsky  16:59 Пятница 0 2 162
16-05-2008, 16:59
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Memorial Day for victims of Caucasian War will be commemorated in Cerkessk town and aul Ali-Berdukovsky 

On May 21 the Memorial Day for victims of the Caucasian War in Karachaevo-Circassia there will be organized the mourning measures… Officially in Karachaevo-Circassia that day, as the mourning day and a non-working day, is commemorated since 1994, after adoption of corresponding decision of the Ministerial Council of KCR. On May 21 in the republic there will be organized two main measures: the official one - in Cerkessk - with participation of the leadership of the republic and the national mourning meeting in the Circassian aul Ali-Berdukovsky, where the monument devoted to the victims of the Caucasian war was erected, the organizers of the measures informed IА REGNUM.

On May 21, 1864 in Kbaada tract (nowadays - Red Glade - near Sochi town, where construction of the Olympic village is planned now) was held the last large-scale battle between Adygs (Circassians) and the Russian army. On that day on the battle field the military parade (devoted to the victory), which was met by the native brother of the emperor Alexander II - Great prince Michael, took place.

The war of Russia against Circassia with the permanent activity lasted for 101 years - since 1763 till 1864. As a result of that war the Russian Empire lost over one million soldiers and ruined Circassia - its old ally in Caucasus, having got in exchange weak Transcaucasia and ephemeral plans of conquest of Persia and India, people consider. As a result of that war Circassia disappeared as a state from the world political map, and the Circassian people was suffered from the genocide - it lost 9/10 territories, more than 90 % of its population were dispersed worldwide. Now Circassians have the largest in the world Diaspora - 88 % of the people live outside of the limits of the historic Native land. From among of the peoples of modern Russia the Circassian Diaspora in 52 countries of the world has the second place in the world after the Russian one, which number comes to 6 million people.


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