» » Plenipotentiary in SFD suggests establishing in donated regions  time financial administrations 
Plenipotentiary in SFD suggests establishing in donated regions 
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6-11-2005, 14:16
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Plenipotentiary in SFD suggests establishing in donated regions  time financial administrations 

The plenipotentiary of the president of Russia in the Southern federal district Dmitry Kozak declared that the situation in the south of Russia remained difficult. Despite of huge budgetary injections into economy of the federative subjects of Russian South during last years their economic backlog had still remained, told the plenipotentiary at a meeting with members of the Council of Federation in Rostov-on-Don city on November, 3rd.

"That disturbs the state political leadership, as well as average citizens", - noted Kozak. In his opinion they must understand the reasons "caused complicated processes in social and economic life and in the security sphere". "23 million inhabitants of the South of Russia are mostly concerned with two problems - social and economic position of North Caucasian regions and question of their safety", - the plenipotentiary emphasized.

The authority, as he said, should "undertake drastic measures" directed on elimination of conditions causing political extremism and terrorism connected with it. "We should make the decision on increasing of efficiency of the law-enforcement activities of the state for protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens both from criminal encroachments, and from officials’ unconscientiousness and bureaucratism in the law-enforcement system", - told Kozak. About it RIA "Novosty" informed.

In the donated regions time financial administrations should be formed, considered Kozak. "Taking into account the present level of budgetary financing of the subjects of Russian Federation, under this measure in the long term not less than in two years five subjects of Russian Federation can get", - he told to the journalists after the end of the meeting. But, first of all, according to the plenipotentiary, the issue could concern Ingushetia and Chechen republic.

In a version of the bill discussed today, noted Kozak, it was stipulated that that measure could be undertaken in two years in the case when within those two years profitable sources of budgets of the subjects of Russian Federation or municipalities would not have changed. "This measure, in my opinion, is absolutely fair because if someone cannot solve the problem of budgetary security independently, then he just should be helped", - the plenipotentiary emphasized.

"We do not mean that someone could be discharged of his powers, or lose them all - bodies of the regional authorities would continue to operate. But for rendering help in forming of the regional budgetary-financial policies, for taxation an official appointed by the federal center would come", - summarized Kozak.

On materials of RIA "Novosty" and "Interfax-South"

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