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Adygeya gathers journalists (including foreign ones) at forum 19:59 Четверг 0 1 499
17-06-2010, 19:59
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Adygeya gathers journalists (including foreign ones) at forum

17 June 2010 – 10:05 - NatPress
Source: sov-adyg.ru

A sitting of the IV International mass-media forum “Interaction for common interests” organizing committee took place.

As they informed Newspaper “Soviet Adygeya” in the Adygeya Republic committee on affairs of nationalities, communications with compatriots and mass-media, in the framework of the forum that takes place in Maykop town on June, 24-26th, they plan to discuss such problems as “Modernization of Mass-media: From Crisis to Renewal”, “Media-electronization: Digital and Analogical TV”, “Internet and Printed Press on the Scales” and some others. They will also pay attention to the problem of financing of the regional mass-media.

Separate question of the forum will be discussion of the question of tolerance and xenophobia and searching for forms of mass-media regional cooperation in counteraction to terrorism and extremism.

Participation in the forum had been already confirmed by the journalists from 12 federative subjects of the Southern and the Northern-Caucasian federal districts. Like in the last year in the forthcoming forum delegations from Abkhazia and South Ossetia will take part. For the first time a delegation of journalists from Turkey will arrive.

They plan that in the journalist forum representatives of the federal authorities, the information policy development fund, large federal and inter-regional information agencies, TV-radio-companies and printed press will participate.



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