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25-06-2010, 14:42
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Footballers from Shapsugia will play with Israeli “Kfar-Kama”

25 June 2010 –09:37 am – NatPress

[b]Do not miss: the football team of the Black sea Shapsugia with “Kfar-Kama”, football team from Israel. [/b]

On July 28th from Israel to Maykop town the football team of Circassian settlement Kfar-Kama comes. During two weeks the sportsmen will have on their historical native land their first training session. On August, 6th “Kfar-Kama” will paly its first - historic – match with the combined team of the Black sea Shapsugia. The match will take place in Golovinka settlement at 06.00 pm.

In the framework of the visit of “Kfar-Kama” to Adygeya they also plan to organize their trip to the Black sea Shapsugia. As the chairman of “Adyghe Khasa” Madjid Chachuh told, there is an idea of carring out there of a big cultural-sport holiday: Adygs from Israel will visit Circassian auls on the coast, will communicate with the local elders and youth, and play an unofficial match with the combined team of the Black sea Shapsugia.

[b]Anzor NIBO

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