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11-05-2011, 16:55
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Appeal to the Parliament of Georgia - Circassian Forum of Jordan

As a Result of the Russian aggression on the Circassian homeland and its people, the sons of this people had suffered from one of the biggest displacements in the history of mankind, and one of the ugliest tactics of genocide, in which millions of Circassians were killed during the war and the displacement of coercive. These events reflect grievous reality that anyone can see their effect on the Circassian people’s authenticity today, with the fact that Circassians in their historic homeland are representing only 10%, while the majority of them which represent 90% of the people live in exile.

The Circassians are suffering in their homeland or in exile alike, from the various methods of repression, intimidation, negative intellectuality, loss of their language and customs, and worse of all, the policy of eliminating their nationalism ideology, which leads the assassination of the Circassian national personality.

Circassians desire from the peoples of the free world and the peoples who are tired of the domination of powerful nations to be treated and dealt with them fairly, and to consider their worries and conditions in a justified way, and in accordance with the International Law.

Circassians expect from the free peoples and nations of the world, who have suffered for long time in order to obtain their freedom and independence, the support for the preservation of their dignity, and to be inspired from own history in order to support solving the Circassian Question.

Consequently, the Circassian nation has the trust in the people of Georgia who struggled to get their freedom from the forces of darkness, and therefore have the confidence that Circassians will be assisted to fulfill their demand.

“The Circassian Forum of Jordan” got the reasonable motivation and confidence to kindly solicit from the esteemed Georgian Parliament to recognize the genocide that Circassians were subjected to, which was committed by the Russian state in the XIX century.

Recognition of the Circassian genocide by Georgia will open a new page in the history of Human justice and will bring hope to the survival of the Circassian people as one of the respected nations of the Caucasus Region.

The Circassian forum of Jordan

Adel Shapsug

Ali Kasht

9, May, 2011.

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