Moscow Adyga Hasa teaching how to dance 17:44 Воскресенье 0 2 147
27-11-2005, 17:44
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Moscow Adyga Hasa teaching how to dance

Moscow Adyga Hasa is happy to announce beginning of dance practice for youth dancing group "Adygi". Practice will be coached by Mikhail Batyrov.

In the letter to WCB one of the lead dancers Alena Dokshukina stated : "Adygi" – is not just a dance group, it’s a family, which is trying to keep unique Circassian culture, teaching kids the basics of dancing art. Using the beauty of our national dance we want to reach out to people and show them grace of Circassian character. Every move represents our Habza – peace of our Homeland and our heart.

All interested people are invited to attend first practice which will be held on November 27 , 2005 at : Moscow, metro "Shosse Entuziastov", tram № 34, 36 to center, stop at "Budenyi prospect" building 49. Cross the street, to building 32 DK "Sokolinaya gora" , 3-rd floor, room 24. The building is brand new, it might not have any signs on it.

Practice will start at 11 am for younger group (kids) until 1 p.m.

Elder group from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

With questions please e-mail

Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood

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