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The bailiff of Adygeya conquered mountain Chugush

The bailiff of Adygeya conquered mountain Chugush In the western part of the Greater Caucasus is the highest mountain peak - Chugush. Its height is 3237.8 meters. Name of the mountain in the Circassian language means "top of the earth." Here are the sources of rivers: Birch, Chess, Kishi, as well as the right-hand tributaries of the river Belaya.

Mountain Chugush composed of crystalline schists, granites and gneisses. Grow on the slopes of spruce-fir forests are located above the sub-alpine meadows. On the eastern and northern slopes are ten hanging and cirque glaciers with a total area of 1.2 km.

In honor of the 20 - anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Adygeya, for climbing the mountain has been selected namely Chugush - the highest point of Adygeya.

The group consisted of 20 climbers, among them, an employee of the Federal Bailiff Service of the Republic of Adygeya bailiff on ensuring of established order of the courts, Evtyh Ruslan.

August 27 the group went to the foot path and September 1, participants reached the top of the mountain and planted the flag of Adygeya on Chugush.

The group will return to the city of Maikop on 4 of September.

According to the press Office of the Federal Bailiff Service Republic of Adygeya скачать dle 12.0

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