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Cherkes Wins 2011 Australian Taekwondo National Championships

Cherkes Wins 2011 Australian Taekwondo National Championships The 2011 Australian Taekwondo National Championships was held at the Australian capital the city of Canberra from 8th to 11th September 2011. The venue was at the Australian Institute of Sports. The Taekwondo Australia National Championship tournament is the most prestigious competition of the year with all of the best representatives from all states competing. Four days of competition, 950 athletes competing in 1,500 events across 420 divisions, coupled with the spectacular facilities of the Australian Institute of Sports Arena in Canberra, cast the 2011 Australian Open and National Championships as the premier event on the Australian Taekwondo Sports calendar. Amongst the competitors was 8 year old DjaMirzé Alexander (Alex) a Circassian boy from Sydney who went away with two medals from the competition. Alex at his first ever national championship had beaten all his competitors to reach the grand final event were the Australian national title was on offer. After a very exciting bout little Alex had claimed victory walking away with a gold medal and the national title becoming Australian national champion for his age division, also earlier the previous day Alex won the silver 2nd Dan kata display . Alex at the age of 8 is 2nd Dan black belt previously you may remember his other achievement when he became the youngest boy in Australasia to ever receive a black belt in Taekwondo.

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