Georgia prepares itself for a large-scale war 10:43 Среда 0 2 335
30-11-2005, 10:43
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Georgia prepares itself for a large-scale war

According to the official information received by IA REGNUM in a South Ossetian law enforcement agency, for this year Georgia has received 10 UH-1H Iroquois helicopters granted by the USA, bought 13 multi-purpose Mi 8 helicopters from Ukraine, 7 Su 25 fighters from Macedonia and Bulgaria, several Mig 23 fighters from Uzbekistan, and L 159 training fighters from the Czech Republic.

Czechia also supplied 120 tanks. A large amount of armoured vehicles was bought from Ukraine, including 50 armored troop-carriers, and modernized T 72 tanks. Czechia also supplied 14 self-propelled artillery units. The US gave 77 armored carriers and a biological laboratory worth $30 mln.

Ukraine, Czechia and Bulgaria also submitted more than a thousand artillery systems, 7,500 rifles, and a large amount of ammunition. Hungary, Romania and Macedonia are planning to deliver 2,000 rifles. Lithuania plans to grant 14,000 Kalashnikov machine guns. Besides, it promised to give Georgia its two frigates, received from Russia in exchange for construction of residential facilities for fleet officers in Kaliningrad (Russia).

A deal with Egypt is also under way to buy 90,000 machine guns. Such amount of arms is needed to equip reservists whose battalions have not been formed yet.


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