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Circassian flag on the highest mountain of Oceania – pyramid Carstensz

Circassian flag on the highest mountain of Oceania – pyramid Carstensz The known climber and traveller from Adygeya Maxim Bogatyryov who had got climbed on tens tops all over the world, finished the expedition to New Guinea. His latest task which Maxim had put before himself, was to mount on the highest top of Oceania - pyramid Carstensz (Jaya) and to fix there a flag of Adygeya Republic.
The expedition had started on September, 27th, and the climbing took place according to the plan on October, 12th. Into the staff of the international expedition there were 8 persons - representatives of Poland, the Great Britain and Russia.
"On October, 12th and 13th my friends and I climbed twice onto the highest top of Oceania, having finally closed that way all the questions of the project "7 Tops+1", and, certainly, having fixed a flag of Adygeya. So the flag also visited Papua island - New Guinea", - the climber told. - "It was named “pyramid” knowingly. It was formed from former coral reeves lifted on 5000 meters height. Rising as though at once into the sky. The last part of our route is traverse on a rather narrow rocky crest. 20 meters higher - and we could see, probably, the most effective sight in the whole expedition".
The expedition which Bogatyryov had devoted to the 20th anniversary of Adygeya’s formation, ended successfully. Though according to Maxim’s recognition he hand’t got a travel as rich in relation to his impressions and difficulties as that one. The way to the mountain and back went through the jungle where the local people use stone knifes and onions, arrows with wooden tips, extract fire, cut off their fingers as a token of their grief and eat brains of precipitated enemies. In a parallel to that world there is another one: in the territory of the island Americans extract gold from carriers and drive the most up-to-date "cuterpillers".

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