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9-11-2011, 15:01

Dictaphone record helped to discover a cruel murder

Dictaphone record helped to discover a cruel murder About a cruel crime they told at the press-conference of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigatory committee. To open the daring crime a dictaphone record which had been found out at survey of the killed person helped. A criminal proceeding was instituted by Takhtamukaysky area office of Public Prosecutor according to the fact of disappearance of a man lived in settlement Yablonovsky in August of the current year. Two months later his body was found in a quarry of a reservoir. The head of the killed man was wrapped with a piece of polythene, his hands were chained in handcuffs, as a 20-kilo weight was adhered to his legs. A dictophone served as the main proof in discovering the murder – the device recorded the moment of murder, namely: winding of an adhesive tape, putting a package on the head of the man and his last words in his life. The record of the device which had been in water for two months, was restored by the experts; and subsequently policemen found the main suspected which appeared to be forty-year old woman, friend of the killed – an inhabitant of settlement Enem who partially confessed in the crime. In total in Adygeya according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigatory committee only for this year there have been accomplished twenty murders in aggravating circumstances, 91 % from which for today are discovered.

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