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Gold double of Alim Gadanov

Gold double of Alim Gadanov In China's Qingdao the last in this year's judo tournament series "Grand Prix" with the prize of 100 thousand dollars finished. On Friday at the tournament they played first awards competition in the five categories. Tatami room Qingdao Diamond Guoksin stadium winner in 66 kg weight became athlete from Kabardino-Balkaria Alim Gadanov.
European Championship medalist Alim Gadanov was a triumpher of the Chinese Grand Prix in 2010. Then in the final Alim beat his teammate Kamal Khan-Magomedov. This December, gadanov, who has the fourth place in the world ranking of the IJF, clearly decided to achieve on the routinely successful for him tatami his golden double. He held ippon against Mongolian Buuveybaatar in his start fight, then with the advantage of waza-ari beat Korean sportsman An, in the quarterfinal with the same score Alim celebrated his victory over Romanian Fuzzy, and in the semifinal by a whisker took over the bright Ukrainian judoka Sergei Drebot. The final battle of Gadanov was with the vice-European champion from Poland Tomasz Kowalski. In that fight Gadanov looked to have some advantage, too. Two successful attacks (yuko and waza-ari) did not receive any response against. So Alim Gadanov is- the winner of the Grand Prix of China in 2011.
Another representative of Kabardino-Balkaria, the Russian national team member, the vice-champion of Europe Murat Kodzokov (73 kg) won in China through ippons two fights - over Venezuelan Rivas and Israeli Palelashvili, but in the quarterfinal he was unable to win back a missed shot (uko) made by Japanese Takenori Nakamura so Kodzokov became the fifth.

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