Olympiad on Adygeyan language started in Maykop 10:08 Среда 0 3 258
22-02-2012, 10:08

Olympiad on Adygeyan language started in Maykop

Olympiad on Adygeyan language started in Maykop On the basis of the Adygeya state university the annual republican Olympiad on Adygeyan language organized by the Ministry of education and sciences of republic, took place. In it more than 60 senior pupils of the republic who became the winners of the municipal stage of the Olympiad, participated.
The Olympiad passed in two directions of the curriculums - for pupils of the national classes and for Russian-speaking classes. They should show their abilities and knowledge in tests for literacy and the creative task.
They are pupils of 9-10 classes and winners of the local Olympiads and intellectual competitions. The Olympiad is spent into 2 rounds during which the participants should execute test tasks and creative work.
As the organizers noted, the quantity of wishing participants grows each year. Interest to the Olympiads on Adygeyan language is demonstrated by children of the most different nationalities - pupils of the Russian-speaking schools and the general educational establishments, learning Adygeyan under the program.
Names of the winners of the republican Olympiad will be placed on the web-site of the Ministry of education and sciences of Adygeya.

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