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40&nbsp;thousand&nbsp;businessmen-Circassians&nbsp;will&nbsp;revive&nbsp; economy&nbsp;of&nbsp;sister&nbsp;republics&nbsp;

" Social and economic revival of Adyg-Abkhazian people" is the name of the project of the program for four sister republics - Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Circassia, Adygeya and Abkhazia which presentation passed on December, 26th in Maykop. About it republican TV informed, Caucasus Times correspondent reported.

By the project’s founders, (“Adyghehu” fund or in the other variant of pronouncing "Adyif") Adygeya owing to its poverty and vulnerability should become the center of the implementation. Later in Adygeya creation of a welfare center is also planned.

According to the head of the fund, native of Karachaevo-Circassia, businessman from Abkhazia Zaur Bidanokov, the purpose of the program is increase of living standard and well-being of inhabitants of the Caucasian republics due to foreign businessmen-Circassians, who are ready to invest in development of small business and creation of large enterprises.

In the world, he told, there are 40 thousand Circassians-businessmen; they reached arrangement on investment by them 1000 US dollars each in the implementation. By means of those means up to the end of 2006 in the territory of KBR, KCR, Abkhazia and Adygeya 40 thousand workplaces should be placed. Realization of the project, probably, will have been already started in the beginning of the next year.

One of the program’s stages is publishing of the book-directory on the Adygeyan-Abkhazian surnames "Find Your kin". This is a multivolume book, for which the fund was engaged in gathering of materials during several years. Its advance copy now is published. Sales of this book’s circulation should fill up a coin box of the fund, too.

In the ministry of economic development and trade Caucasus Times correspondent was confirmed that they heard about the book’s presentation but did not take part in it. Minister Aslan Tamov, as his assistant Peter Grigoriev told, now has been on a trip, (namely the minister himself is engaged in foreign investments).

Caucasus Times

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