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for&nbsp;thugs&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;House&nbsp;of&nbsp;KCR&nbsp;government&nbsp; 12:13 Вторник 0 2 769
17-01-2006, 12:13
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Office&nbsp;of&nbsp;Public&nbsp;Prosecutor&nbsp;demands&nbsp;conditional&nbsp;punishment&nbsp; for&nbsp;thugs&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;House&nbsp;of&nbsp;KCR&nbsp;government&nbsp;

In the Supreme Court of Karachaevo-Circassia the loud process against the thugs of the House of KCR government comes to end. On January 16th the process participants started debating of the parties.

The state accused Vladimir Ivanteev demanded to punish the thugs conditionally - Ruslan Akbaev for 5,5 years of imprisonment, Aslanbek Bogatyryov and Alym Laypanov for 6 years with executive for 4 years. The public prosecutor admitted softening circumstance the fact that the victims were relatives of the defendants, and had refused charges regarding deliberate organization of capture of the House of government (item 212 part1), but had insisted on armed "disrespect for authorities" - participation in disorders (clause 212 part 2) and using of violence dangerous to life and health of representatives of authority (part 2 items 318 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation).

As it had been already informed, on November 9th, 2004 mourning meeting on the central square of Cherkessk in memory of 7 inhabitants of republic killed in the summer residence of the son-in-law of the president of republic Aly Kaitov, ended with a pogrom of the House of government. Relatives of the killed crumpled militian cordons, grasped the cabinet of the president Batdyev and demanded immediate resignation of the leader of Karachaevo-Circassia and heads of the power structures of republic.

As a result of the pogrom the damage to the building in 3 million rubles was caused. More than two tens of militiamen defended the building of the government, received wounds of various degrees. The inspector of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on the SFD Alexander Savrullin who investigated circumstances of the disorders, came to conclusion that the meeting was not authorized, and the capture of the House of government was planned in advance by three brothers of the killed – Ruslan Akbaev, Aslanbek Bogatyryov and Alym Laypanov.

The defendants did not deny their participation in the disorders, but refused charges of any organized capture of the House of government. They declared to the court that the pogrom had been provoked by switching-off of the microphones of the meeting’s orators from the network of the House of government. The last witness interrogated in relation of the case on January 16th - the chief of the cultural department of Cherkessk town administration Rosa Begeulova said to the court that the meeting on November 9th was authorized. She was informed about it in advance by Cherkessk mayor Michael Jakush who obliged her to provide meeting with sound equipment.

In the opinion of Murat Hasanov - Ruslan Akbaev’s lawyer – according indications of Rosa Hadjigulova it was clear that the disorders were provoked by republican authorities: "there were not any reasons for preventing of meeting’s carrying out - relatives had gathered for the authorized mourning meeting, and at the last minute they were declared that they should stand silently in the picket as they disconnected sound equipment. People were in condition of affect - the night before the meeting scorched fragments of the bodies of the killed had been found out in the mountains, therefore response of the crowd did not keep itself waiting long".

On January 19th the court will continue debating of the parties - the accused party will sound their reasons. Lawyers of the defendants declared to IА REGNUM correspondent, that the Office of Public Prosecutor had demanded too severe punishment for their clients, and they intended to achieve softer verdicts.


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