» » » City Caucasian Khasa of Ankara (Turkey) is renamed into “Circassian Khasa”
City Caucasian Khasa of Ankara (Turkey) is renamed into “Circassian Khasa” 01:33 Понедельник 0 2 831
26-12-2011, 01:33

City Caucasian Khasa of Ankara (Turkey) is renamed into “Circassian Khasa”

City Caucasian Khasa of Ankara (Turkey) is renamed into “Circassian Khasa” The Congress of the Ankara City Caucasian organization (Khasa) in which 325 delegates had participated, took place in Ankara.
In the agenda of the congress there were two questions - renaming of the organization, elections of the council and chairman of the organization. The question on renaming of "Caucasian organization of Ankara” in “Circassian organization of Ankara” was adopted unanimously.
The second question was elections of the members of the council and the chairman of the organization. For that purposes at the congress 2 lists were presented, every of them consisted of 9 persons. The list which had been headed by Inal Kozo got 186 voices. Representatives of this list became the members of the council, and Inal Kozo was elected the chairman of the organization.
The process of renaming of "Caucasian organization” into “Circassian organization” had been initiated several years ago and proceeded till nowadays. Earlier the city organizations in Yalova, Bursa and other cities had been renamed. The city organization of Ankara is one of the powerful Circassian public organizations of Turkey.
We should note that the Circassian organizations in Turkey are organized in several federations and united in a network of the organizations. The biggest one is federation "KAFFED" (the Caucasian Federation) in it there are 60 independent organizations among which the Circassian organization of Ankara is.
Besides there is also Federation “Unity of Caucasus” which includes 20 organizations.
“Caucasian Forum” is a youth organization which has representations in all the cities of Turkey.
“Fund of Caucasus” is a powerful organization in the sphere of information.
Two years ago the new organization under the name “Patriots of Circassia” which became popular, started working; it gradually gathers forces in the Circassian society of Turkey and on the historical Native land, as well as in the other countries of the world. Besides in Turkey there are tens independent Circassian organizations not included into those federations.


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