» » Cossacks will be engaged in protection of borders  and struggle against terrorism 
Cossacks will be engaged in protection of borders 
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6-12-2005, 13:27
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Cossacks will be engaged in protection of borders  and struggle against terrorism 

The president of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the federal law "About public service of Russian Cossacks" which establishes legal and organizational base of involvement of Cossacks to the state, civil, military and law-enforcement services.

In particular, during the military service Cossacks will be sent to the boundary military units, and in the internal armies. And whenever possible they will serve in those units and military divisions that were appropriated with traditional Cossack names. Besides Cossacks should take part in actions under prevention and liquidation of emergency situations, protection of public order, guarding the state boundary and fire safety, as well as in struggle against terrorism.

The president decree also specified the order of registration of Cossack societies and the order of making contracts of those societies with authorities. The opportunity of Cossack societies’ financing not only from the federal budget but also from regional and municipal budgets was fixed there also.

Note: the law "About public service of Russian Cossacks" has a "frame" inexact character; it will be followed with legal acts and documents (4 of them has been already prepared) which will explain action of this law.

The law on Cossacks was discussed in Russia during last 10 years. Orders that were adopted to this time did not suit Cossacks as did not distinguish them among other categories of citizens.

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