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9-11-2011, 15:02
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Adygeya became Wushu champion of Russia

Adygeya became Wushu champion of Russia In the championship of Russia on traditional Wushu the combined team of Adygeya won 76 medals. The tournament passed in the capital of the republic within several days. The place of carrying out of the superiority and the national championship for the third year was chosen Maykop town successively - that decision was made by directly representatives of the regions in which the named kind of martial arts develops. More than three hundred participants from various corners of Russia arrived to the capital of the republic to be fight for medals and places in the national team of Russia. The combined team of Adygeya was represented by sportsmen from Maykop, Adyghesk and Giaginskaya village. The structure of the republican team included the winners of superiorities and the championships of Europe and the world among whom there were 13-year old Aslanbek Kunizhev who, despite of his young age, had already had time to win the whole set of the medals and was the main applicant for the victory in his age category. Aslanbek fought excellently, having won three first places. In total the sport rivalry took place in four nominations: these were complex exercises with weapon and without it, pushing out of contender, Chinese struggle, and full-contact duels. According to the results of the three competitive days in the medal box of Adygeya Wushu team there were 32 first places, 26 second places and 18 third ones, that appeared to be the best command result.

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