Asya Eutykh met students of arts college of Adygeya 17:55 Пятница 0 4 220
2-03-2012, 17:55

Asya Eutykh met students of arts college of Adygeya

Asya Eutykh met students of arts college of Adygeya The known armorer Asya Eutykh working in Adygeya Republic recently met with pupils of the republican college of arts. For conversation the artist had chosen the reading room of the National library. According to A.Eutykh, the atmosphere of the world of books adjusts perception of the high spheres.
At the meeting the master told about uneasy but honourable path of artist, about the thorny road of the creative person. Asya Eutykh is sure - self-sacrifice is important in arts, as the glory comes further, and it is not the main thing. The artist answered all the questions of the students and promised to make such meetings traditional.
Asya Eutykh is a jeweller, armorer, a member of the Union of artists of Russia, the national artist of Adygeya Republic. Asya Eutykh's products are stored in the funds of the State Hermitage and in the State historical museum of Moscow. Her works are executed in technics of moulding, engraving and gilding. The basic materials of her works include bronze, silver, gold and jewels. In 2008 she was awarded with the premium “Amra”, in 1998 - created weapons and ammunition for the personal Circassian guards (15 complete sets) of the Jordanian Prince Ali.
Her works are also stored in private collections of V. Putin (rhyton "Alpes", set “Royal Seal”, rhyton “Great Source”, a sword-akinak “Amra”), of the King of Jordan Abdullah II (“Golden Tree of Narts”), of the King of Jordan Hussein (“Complete set from two glasses on a tray”), the Prince of Jordan Ali Ben Al Hussein (a saber, a dagger, a belt, gazyrs), the Princesses of Jordan Rim (the Complete set of ornaments of a wedding dress), maestro Y.Temirkanov (a silver conductor's baton).
A.Eutykh's products were exposed in Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, at the personal exhibitions in Ankara and Istanbul. They are stored in museums of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, New York, London, Singapore, Berlin and Tokyo.
According to the archeologic sources of northwest Caucasus Asya has restored an ancient compounding of bronze and technology of moulding.

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