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General Declaration on human rights will be translated into Adygeyan language  22:12 Суббота 0 1 737
1-09-2007, 22:12
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General Declaration on human rights will be translated into Adygeyan language 

The Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood (WCB) intends to translate the General Declaration on human rights into Adygeyan language. After translation, the document will be edited by one of the professors of the faculty of Adygeyan language of the Kabardino-Balkarian state university and sent to the UN database.

NatPress informed that referring to the president of the organization Zamir Shuhov. As he said, the translation would help to distribute the document in the distant settlements and the countries of Circassians’ compact residing, where Adygeyan language is basic.

The General Declaration on human rights is translated into more than 366 languages of the world, as he said, and that fact was fixed in the Guinness’ book. The project of its translation into all the languages of the world is a parameter of the mankind’s opportunities at cooperation in the common direction.

"On August 17 the United Nations Organization, - he remarked further, - released the first number of the electronic newspaper "Info60". It will be dispatched for the public and legal expert organizations, media- and information resources, with the purposes of initiation of the celebrating 60-th anniversary of the Declaration within one year, since December 10, 2007".

The declaration is the property of the whole mankind, and the UN aspires to inform it into all the places of the planet, the president of the organization spoke. The WCB, being a member of the UN database on the rights of the national minorities and small peoples, supports the campaign for involving people and organizations to celebrating of that significant date.

"The coming months the WCB will distribute articles of "Info60" concerning the human rights for support of the regional, national and the local public information resources, - he assured. - The WCB administration hopes to be assisted by the public in distribution of the information and requirement of observance of the international legal norms in relation to the small peoples, in particular - to Adygs (Circassians)".

In the UN they remarked that mass-media is one of the main instruments in expansion of the knowledge about the mentioned historical document, it can inform people about their rights not only during the military conflicts or mass reprisals, but also at the stage of developing democracy, Zamir Shuhov explained.


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