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10-08-2008, 11:56
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“Adyghe Khasa” federation of Turkey is outraged with Georgian invasion to Southern Ossetia

“Adyghe Khasa” federation of Turkey “KAF-FED” acted with the reference, connected to the Georgian invasion to Southern Ossetia and the treat to Abkhazia. In it there is a reproach towards Turkey Republic which helped with the military support to Georgia, a call up to correct that mistake in the shortest terms to make Georgia to move out its armies and to start peace negotiation; in it it was also given an explanation to the journalists. The paper was singed on August,9

“The state we live in owing to the taxes including ours had supplied the Georgian army with weapons, - it was said in the reference. Now Georgia, using the staff of the Turkish specialists, is at war against the compatriots of Circassians in Caucasus”.

That mistake of Turkey, according to Khasa federation, should be corrected in the nearest terms. The armies must be moved out from Southern Ossetia, and they should train Georgia not how to fight and how to live in peace.

In the explanations to the journalists it was said that Ossetians despite of the agitated now point of view, live on their native land as an autochthon people during millennia. And the different point of view is nothing as but a thing from the Stalin epoch and Stalin personally, a man of Georgian origin, who intended to make Georgia greater territorially.

Ossetia as an independent republic had been a part of the USSR, was created after October, 1917, it was written in the reference. And only with concentration of power in the hands of Stalin Ossetia was divided to southern and northern parts. The southern part was added to Georgia, as the northern part – the RFCR. Then they also added to Georgia the independent republic of Abkhazia which in the past was an independent state though many centuries.

In 1990 Georgia, it was stated in the paper, the first one from among the republics of the Soviet Union which stated about its political independence having its first constitution. But that constitution did not mention the territories of Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia; that allowed Abkhazia to adopt its previous – the union’s – constitution that gave independence and to Southern Ossetia – to hold a referendum.

In the opinion of the Circassian Khasas federation of Turkey, the present war actions of Georgia in Southern Ossetia had demonstrated very clear that it aimed to the physical destruction of the people it does not accept, to the ethnic ‘cleaning’. They eliminate “children, mothers, fathers, old men, and other innocent people”.

The way out from the developed situation the Khasa federation sees in that Abkhazia and Southern Ossetia could make the way of Kosovo.


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