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In Moscow concert of Adygeya national song and dance takes place 17:49 Суббота 0 3 455
4-04-2009, 17:49
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In Moscow concert of Adygeya national song and dance takes place

Tonight the joint concert of the state academic ensembles of Adygeya –of the national dance “Nalmes” and of the national song “Islamey” - takes place in Moscow in the concert hall of "Cosmos" hotel. The concert was named “Unquenchable light of my republic”.

“The concert, - the deputy minister of culture of Adygeya Anfisa Vasilieva said, - is organized under the initiative of the Adygeya embassy in Moscow, the ministry of culture of Adygeya and Administration of Alekseevsky area of Northeast administrative district of Moscow”.

The cultural action, as she said, was spent within the limits of the agreement between Adygeya Government and the Government of Moscow concerned trade and economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation.

“And if Muscovites knows better about Adygs’ dancing art, in particular, in performances of the ensemble “Nalmes”, - she noted, - then creativity of such remarkable composer and arranger as Aslan Nekhay who heads the ensemble “Islamey”, remains known lesser”.

She reminded that the ensemble of dance “Nalmes” had participated in the International military festival “Kremlin Down”, acted in Moscow during the celebrating the 450th anniversary of voluntary association of Adygeya with Russian state. And by virtue of such popularity the ensemble is often invited to the important actions of the government of Russian Federation.

In the deputy minister’s opinion, the art skills of the ensemble “Islamey” is not less presentable. And the present concert, probably, would open the new prospects for the art collective.

As a whole as Anfisa Vasilieva noted, the concert’s organizers hope that the trip would bring Adygeya including the economic gains. For example, in tourism. Those who liked Adygeyan songs and dances, probably, would want to visit the republic as visitors.



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