» » Another attack on the leader of the Circassian social movement «Khаse»
Another attack on the leader of the Circassian social movement «Khаse» 02:17 Среда 0 3 371
20-07-2011, 02:17
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Another attack on the leader of the Circassian social movement «Khаse»

Another attack on the leader of the Circassian social movement «Khаse»

Ibrahim Yaghan, the leader of the Circassian movement "Khase" was brutally attacked again on Tuesday evening 19-July-2011 on the Moscow Street. Ibrahim's friends informed that the attack on him was on the moment when he went to park his car in the Garage, as Ibrahim says: there were more than five personal.

Ibrahim Yaghan is in the hospital now, because he needed medical treatment, as the correspondents of (The Caucasus Knot), the attack caused him cerebral concussion, traumatic brain injury, and other head injuries. The attackers used a rebar, and an iron pipe.

This was not the first attack on Ibrahim Yaghan. On the 5th of December 2009 he was beaten and hospitalized in serious conditions. 30th of April, the chairman of the Circassian movement Ibraim Yaghan was also attacked around 20:30 local time, when he was leaving his house, and getting in his car (Niva), he opened the trunk and was putting his things, on that moment a young sportsman attacked him from his back with an iron pipe in his hand, and tried to hit him on his head, spontaneously Ibrahim reacted and he was hit on his spine instead of the back of his head. He defended himself, and the attacker ran away to the neighbor’s house after that. Ibrahim tried to chase him, but the attacker ran away.

Ibrahim stated that he is not looking for the attackers, though the police are not looking for evidences implementing the attack is not interesting. Ibrahim said: no proper investigation will be taken, and he is not intending to do so.

Recently, Ibrahim was involved in organizing conferences with leaders of the Kabardian, the Balkar and the Cossacks organizations, which those conferences were to discuss the Land, and other issues.

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