In Adygeya 1 of August is marking of Repatriation day 20:02 Пятница 0 2 344
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In Adygeya 1 of August is marking of Repatriation day

In Adygeya 1 of August is marking of Repatriation day

13 years ago on 1 of August Adygeya received in their land 165 compatriots - Adyghe (Circassians), who managed to escape from the bombing and shelling of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo. Their families were given civic and social protection. According to the press service of the Government of the Republic of Adygeya, village Mafehabl in which immigrants have found a long-awaited peace and tranquility, is an example of a truly humane treatment towards countrymen.

Republic of Adygeya is consistently strengthening comprehensive ties with the Circassian diaspora. It operates target program "Development and strengthening ties of the Republic of Adygeya with compatriots living abroad", and it signed a cooperation agreement with the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States. These important documents help to preserve and develop this ethnic group, its historical memory and culture, strengthen of mutual understanding and friendship between the countries, where there is Circassian diaspora.

In recent years, nearly 900 people from the repatriates to their historic homeland were able to establish life in a new place, work, learn and create families. They make a major contribution to the economy, education, health and to the culture of the country.

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