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9-12-2005, 10:48
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Abkhazia discussed bill about state language 

Discussion of a bill in the State Fund of development of Abkhazian language "About the state language of Abkhazian Republic" took place on December, 8th. The Vice-premier Leonid Lakerbaja, Abkhazian language experts, writers, journalists, representatives of public organizations participated in the discussion.

The majority of the participants of "the round table" referred that the law should have been adopted earlier. At the same time, they remarked that the variant of the bill passed in the first reading, demanded serious completion. "In the bill there are many declarative phrases, ambiguous formulations; the real mechanism of realization of the substantive provisions of the document is not worked out", - told the participants of the discussion. Moreover, Abkhazian translation of the bill prepared in Russian, was not authentic.

"It is impossible to overestimate the value of Abkhazian language for development of the Abkhazian statehood. If our language is not given originally state status, and is exclusively used in life, we will not manage to create our state", - considered writer Alexey Gogua. "If, by virtue of the objective reasons now it is impossible to hold all parliament sessions and the government sittings in the state language, that, maybe, we need to establish the Day of Abkhazian language in the state structures?", - the writer offered.

"It is impossible to speak about any development of Abkhazian language without development of the whole system of the national culture, demography, economy. Even the best law or a program of language development will remain as good intentions if they do not get serious financial support", - the vice-president of the public political movement "Aytayra" Oleg Damenia told. In his opinion, Abkhazes who did not speak Abkhazian should study Abkhazian language first of all. Thus Damenia emphasized that "with all importance of development of the state language, we mustn’t oppose Abkhazian and Russian languages with each other".

The Vice-premier Leonid Lakerbaja suggested inviting to discussion of the bill representatives of the other ethnoses living in Abkhazia. "Unfortunately, the bill is discussed only by Abkhazes. We should know about what disturbs the other ethnoses, what they are afraid of", - he told. "Some of us sometimes, considering the degree of Abkhazes’ patriotism judge on that whether they know their native language or not. I would like to warn against similar opposition of people", - noted Lakerbaja. The Vice-premier reminded about that in 1994 when the Abkhazian Constitution was passed, deputy Zurab Achba more than others insisted on that the state language of Abkhazian Republic should be recognized Abkhazian. In the initial variant it was a question about Abkhazian and Russian. "Nobody will doubt that Zurab, despite of ignorance of the native language, was the true patriot of his people", - the vice-premier noted.

The participants of the discussion lifted questions of staff, qualities of teaching of Abkhazian language at schools and high schools, educational literature, techniques of the language teaching. "Persuading the ideal we miss real opportunities. There are various levels of teaching of languages. There are new effective interactive techniques which can be used in teaching of Abkhazian language", - told the Director of Sukhum House of youth Elena Kobahija.

"The round table" participants especially underlined necessity of creation of conditions for studying Abkhazian language.


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