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22-02-2012, 10:12

The letter of "Russian congress of Caucasian peoples" to President of Russia about Circassians’ position in Syria

 The letter of "Russian congress of Caucasian peoples" to President of Russia about Circassians’ position in Syria

To the president of Russian Federation
Medvedev Dmitry Anatolevich

Dear Dmitry Anatolevich,

We address to you as to the guarantor of the rights of the peoples of Russia, including representatives of indigenous Russian ethnoses, by virtue of various tragical circumstances living outside Russia. We are extremely concerned about the destiny of Circassian Diaspora in Syrian Arabian Republic where now there is a bloody civil war and actually a real humanitarian catastrophe is shortly possible. Circassian settlements near Homs city have been undergone to artillery bombardment from the oppositional forces. In them there are significant human victims; majority of houses was destroyed, the oil pipeline running nearby was blown up, as a result of that the vicinity became unsuitable for living. A column of Circassian refugees from Homs moves to Damascus searching rescue. Those who remained at their places are exposed to attacks and threats from various militarized groups.
Besides the common problems for the whole population of Syria our compatriots-Circassians have also special difficulties connected with that they are a national minority and, accordingly, are more vulnerable during any internal conflicts. Already now practically into all Circassians’ houses of Syria leaflets with requirement to stand on the party of the insurgents had been thrown and to join the armed struggle against the legitimate authority. For greater effect emissaries of the insurgents visited Circassian settlements and explained to the inhabitants that if Circassians did not support them (insurgents’) in the near future when they won, all the Circassians of Syria would be physically exterminated within a day. They impudently and cynically on eyes of inhabitants divided the houses and the other buildings which they were going to appropriate after liquidation of Circassians. Not waiting the coming nearer fast bloody outcome, the Syrian Circassians ask to launch immediately the process of their repatriation.
From January, 23rd till February, 12th, 2012 Russia had been visited by a delegation of the Syrian Circassians which met the Head of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, the head of the government of Karachaevo-Circassia, members of the Government of Adygeya Republic, the leadership of the international, all-Russian and the regional public associations, and handled the lists with more than 600 persons wishing to move into Russia on the permanent residence with concrete nameplate data, the instruction of trades, among which the majority appeared to be highly skilled workers: engineers, teachers, doctors, businessmen. The firm intention of those Circassians to move into Russia, on their historical Native land was stated by the arrived representatives at each meeting spent within almost a month and received favorable enough response from the authorities of those republics and hot support of the public. Arrival of the Syrian Circassians, on our deep belief, would become not a burden and on the contrary a source of the long-term social charges, and the blessing for the federative subjects accepting them. These people possess the demanded trades, have money which they wish to invest into Russia, they have big and strong families, there is no language barrier with representatives of the title nationalities of KBR, KCR and Adygeya, they’ve got high adaptive abilities and a huge diligence. From their part, the authorities of the above-stated republics prepared the premises meeting the requirements to the centers of refugees’ time accommodation, and had mobilized the employees having the operational experience with the refugees.
Actually, at the moment there is the need for the political will to accept our compatriots from Syria, having shown them and the whole world true humanism, nobleness and force of Russia.
This question was discussed at the session of Presidium of "Russian congress of Caucasian peoples" and was completely supported. All the peoples of Russia, in particular Northern Caucasus, watch closely the destiny of the compatriots in Syria expecting from the leadership of Russia concrete steps for their support, not at their will appeared in the another's country in a flame of the civil war.
The co-chairman of the All-Russian social movement
"Russian congress of Caucasian peoples" Khuraj A.R.

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From 2/15/2012

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